Basix PVC Installation Instructions

Need some help installing Basix PVC wall panelling? Full installation instructions are available download as a PDF by clicking the button

Basix PVC Installation Accessories

End U-Cap

Exterior Corner

Interior Corner

H-Joint & Decor Strip


Adhesive and Silicone Sealant

Fixing Options

Basix PVC Waterproof Panelling can be stapled, panel pinned, glued or screwed directly to a flat and even surface or onto timber battens if the surface is uneven. fix battens approximately 30 centimetres apart facing the opposite direction to the panels (horizontally where the panels are being installed vertically). nails, staples, screws or pins should be fixed through the panel groove base flaps so they are not visible when the tongue of the following panel is located into the groove of the previously installed panel. Where H joints are being fitted you may need to trim off the panel tongues, and/or groove base flaps first.